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Is Your Computer Overheating? – Computer Repairs Southampton

Does your computer turn off randomly? A likely cause is overheating. When the computer gets too hot it will turn itself off to prevent damage to the components within the computer. There are a few reasons why a computer can ...
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Bullguard Internet Security - Computer Repairs Southampton

Spend £49 on System Reset & Restore and Get BullGuard FREE – Computer Repairs Southampton

From the 15/08/16 - 16/09/16 we are offering all customers who bring in their computer for a System Reset & Restore a FREE copy of BullGuard Internet Security (Normally £49.95!). What is a System Reset & Restore? System Reset & ...
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Windows 10 Q + A

Q – Why Should I Upgrade To Windows 10? A – There are a number of reasons why you should upgrade your computer to Windows 10. Microsoft plans this to be last version of Windows and therefore will receive continuous updates; this includes security, ...
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Case Study – DC (Power) Jack Repair

In the picture is a DC Jack from a Tesco Hudl 2. It is completely broken and indefinitely needs replacing. All of the connections inside of the jack are completely destroyed. It now does not turn on as the battery has ...
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Windows 10 is still free - Computer Repairs Southampton

Windows 10 free upgrade is coming to an end!

Below is our, as computer repair Southampton specialist advice on how to take advantage of Windows 10 free upgrade, before it ends. But time is running out so read below and book an appointment before you miss out on this ...
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Windows 10 is here

Microsoft’s last version of their operating system - Windows 10 is finally here. Windows 10 is arguably the best version of the operating system family, but should you upgrade for free immediately? Windows 10 will run on almost every device Windows ...
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My computer does not need a health check – Does it? (special offer)

In the last few years computers in the home have become nearly as common as TVs and washing machines. Working well, the improvements they can make in day to day living are astonishing. It's possible to buy almost anything online, ...
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Antivirus / Internet Security Software

iFixComputers.eu recommends – Antivirus / Internet Security Software Every year, iFixComputers.eu chooses an antivirus software developer to partner for the upcoming year. There are many requirements that we look at before choosing the right product for us and our customers, ...
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Customer Testimonials

  • Took my computer to the shop on 19th of Jan and collected the computer in the afternoon of the same day (fixed). Would recommend ifix to anyone, certainly use them again.
    Jenny, Southampton
  • I found ifix very helpful, efficient and very reasonable prices.
    Mr Ian White, Southampton
  • Very good and friendly service done very quickly, 5 stars.Lucinda, Southampton
    Lucinda, Southampton