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11 May

Windows 10 free upgrade is coming to an end!

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Windows 10 is free for Windows 8, 8.1. and 7 - computer repair southampton

Below is our, as computer repair Southampton specialist advice on how to take advantage of Windows 10 free upgrade, before it ends. But time is running out so read below and book an appointment before you miss out on this opportunity!

It’s not too late to upgrade Windows 10

Windows 10 is approaching its end for a free upgrade, after this point in order to upgrade you will need to pay. Therefore if you have Windows 7 or 8 on your computer we recommend that you bring it into iFix Computers repair store in Southampton, to upgrade it before the 29th July 2016.

Windows 10 brought us new features and even a modern start menu, something Windows 8 lacked. The sleek design of Windows 10, makes it easy and simple to use for all different kinds of users. To install it, it involves removing all your files and data from your hard drive and starting anew. With this in mind I would recommend that you backup all of your files and then bring it into the store as this will save you money.

We are dedicated computer repair in Southampton, and understand more than most the importance of your data and files. With this in mind, once you’ve backed up your computer you will only need to pay £49 for a service called System Reset and Restore, otherwise you will also have to pay £35 for the service called Data Backup and Transfer.

Just to reiterate, I would highly recommend upgrading to Windows 10 whilst you have the chance as this will be the most up to date and secure version of Windows out there.

Call 07805 513320 or talk to us on a live chat to book a time slot ASAP!


We hope to see you soon.

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30 Jul

Windows 10 is here

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Microsoft’s last version of their operating system – Windows 10 is finally here. Windows 10 is arguably the best version of the operating system family, but should you upgrade for free immediately?

Windows 10 will run on almost every device

Windows 10 will run on everything from smartphones, tablets, Xbox, laptops, desktop PC’s to servers which means their removed the pain of learning different interfaces and made is simpler to use all across these devices.

The Start menu is back

Windows 10 start screen - computer repairs southampton


The Start Menu is the most obvious feature that will please Windows 7 and older operating system users. In addition to that, it combines a list of programs from the Windows 8 Metro screen. You can still use regular desktop applications – Windows 10 won’t force you changing the way you work, which is a huge step forward in Microsoft thinking.

Microsoft latest Windows 10 product comes with some pre-installed apps that are improved over Windows 8 versions. In particular: Mail, Calendar, Microsoft Photos and the PowerShell. Windows Media Center, games and gadgets from Windows 7 are gone, but Windows Media Player is still there. Free replacements for missing apps are available in the Windows Store.

Some highlights of the latest product:


  • Cortana – the personal assistant that is already been used widely by Windows Phone Users. Cortana is a digital assistant similar to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. It can remember your interests such as TV shows and sports teams, as well as previous questions. Yes, you will be able to talk to your computer in a similar way as you talk to your smartphone.
  • Windows Hello – a new sign-in system that uses face recognition but you must have an Intel RealSense-compatible camera.
  • Action Center – replaces Windows 8 Charms and from now on will provide you with notifications and quick access to common settings.
  • Groove – a music app/service that replaces Xbox Music and can import your Google Play and iTunes music libraries.
  • Edge – the new lightweight and up to date version of Internet explorer. Microsoft states it’s a completely new product and not an upgrade. Edge isn’t finished – it still doesn’t support extensions and has other missing parts in it– but it works quite well. And it’s fast.
  • Microsoft DirectX 12 – hugely important update for those hungry gamers. It looks like it even has a built-in DVR to record your gameplay.
  • Other features…



The launch is just the start. Microsoft is planning to continuously upgrade it over time and hopefully this will become a well performing product. At the moment – it looks promising but as been said before – it’s still in its early days and it’s worth waiting for a few weeks before upgrading in order to get more feedback about the product it self.

Pros: Smaller, lighter and faster than previous versions, free upgrade

Cons: Requires some relearning, some new features require new hardware, may break some applications

Please note that upgrading should take between 20-90 minutes depending on your device capabilities.

Have you tried Windows 10 before? What’s your opinion about Windows 8 and Windows 8.1? Leave a comment below!

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